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Dermal Conductance Analysis (ElectroDermal Screening)

First introduced by Reinhold Voll, circa 1952, was taken up as a study by the dean in 1978 under the tutelage of Dr. Voll. Comprehensive manuals were produced and seminars conducted all over the world. The Dean was the first to introduce EAV in Mexico, Ecuador, and Korea. Now he is the only one known to continue Voll's original research, having contributed over 100 new measurement (diagnostic) points to the system, including measurement points (MPs) for hormones, adnexa, cranial structures, allergens, and neurotransmitters. Many of the original points, e.g. CMP. Lungs, MP. Prostate, CMP. Colon, he has proved as inaccurate. He advocates EDS as a means of rural evaluation for mission work and third world primary care conditions. EDS represents a comprehensive, neurological approach to bedside diagnosis, when used appropriately with the signs and symptoms of classical medicine. It is most often verified with laboratory and radiology. He does not advocate fuzzy software, random number serial generators, or other amateur gadgets as a substitute for accurate, pinpoint diagnostics as part of comprehensive medical knowledge. An up to date manual of several hundred points is available by order form below. A course on clinical medicine is also available.

The Clincal Value of Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) in combination with Dermal Conductance Analysis (DCA)


World's best

The best long-term, measurement device in the world. Thousands of units still working in the field since 1980. The most sensitive of units, with the lightest touch and smooth indicator needle.

• - To help recognize disorders
• - To help recognize failing organs
• - To determine the general state of health

• - Monitoring of training
• - To recognize energy loss
• - To recognize limits
• - Performance increase by optimizing organ systems

• - Early recognition of burnout
• - Recognition of stress-related illnesses
• - Monitoring of the general regeneration ability

Weight control:
• - Specific checking of endrocrine points as an indicator of hormone activity
• - Specific checking of the body regulation during diets
• - Optimizing of the diet, elimination of food allergens
• - Checking the energy and fitness condition during the diet

Modern Times - Positive aspects of real-time
We live in a real-time society which often contributes to the stress of the human system. In almost any situation whether on the job or in private life, humans are forced today to react in real-time. A demand which results more and more often in stress-related illnesses. As paradoxical as it may sound, one of the most significant advantages of the EDS long- and short-term measuring device is based on the syndrome against which it has been developed in clinical real-time - neurological stress.

Developed by Dr. of Med. Prof. Charles McWilliams, Dr. Voll's original US student since 1979

Training as a general practitioner, special training in pathology and laboratory medicine, study visits in Mexico, Colombia, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Philippines, Ecuador, Brasil, Sri Lanka. Clinical director, Nevis Island with over 6,000 patients.

Dr. Voll originally taught electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV),  as a meridian based system. Now with the discovery of more than one hundred new points, the meridian system has been abandoned. The new reference EDS adobe manual is catalogued both by Chief Complaints, Organ systems, and by meridian for those die hards.

No Gimmicks

Does not "diagnose" by digital software, does not "make" remedies out of thin air, does not replace laboratory and radiology. The Biotron is an electrodermal screening device that measures neural output at the level of the dermis. Topical points, aka acupuncture points, have long been know to intercalate with internal organs. Neural tonus at the level of the dermis can be measured electronically, providing an insight into organ activity, tonus or deterioration.

The accompanying Electrodermal CDs, are pdf references of the largest and most accurate tabulation of points, diseases, syndromes, herbs, minerals, etc. in the world.

Use adobe's powerful search function to rapidly locate important points...

Even if you own an existing EDS device, the purchase of this device package with its accompanying reference manuals is worth it's cost alone.
Your ability to pinpoint toxic foci, interference fields, etc. will be greatly expanded.
For practitioners of neural therapy, we have a special section on plexi and ganglia.
For dentists, we have the odontogenic foci.
For psychotherapists, we have all the neurotransmitter points.
For general practitioners, we have all the endocrine organs, bowel foci, toxins, parasites, heavy metals, etc.
It also provides you with a second device that can used in the office (AC) or in the field (batteries).

 Further, the palpatory soreness or tenderness of well known topical points should not be ignored!
Spontaneous tenderness was carefully researched by Dr. Weihe as early as the 1930's. De La Fuye furthered the research, Margutti added, but Prof. McWilliams has finished a massive and exhaustive research of ALL ACUPUNCTURE and NON-ACUPUNCTURE points known to man. Topical palpatories not only reveal indicated homeopathic remedies, but also their inimicals - foods, spices, essential oiis, toxic metals, and more...

Provided only with on-site training in Ecuador on or Nevis Island. Not sold by mail. Enquiries

A 5 day course intensive on a survey of the new points of Voll's Electroacupuncture (aka Electroacupuncture according to McWilliams) and the summary diagnosis of pathophysiologic considerations in the case workup. Emphasizing bedside diagnosis, the students will spend focus time on point location as well as patient observation. Academic lectures on site will be accompanied with a personal electrodermal screening device, and the students will find and locate each point, one by one, step by step, each point under pathological consideration. The professor will be revealing his newest points of diagnostic consideration as well as our old points of legion. 
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• pdf Documents sent to you by instant link-download

1. Complete Reference Charts for Electrodermology

2. POINTS 2007

3. Dr. McWilliams' Original Volume I ELECTROACUPUNCTURE (still the world's definitive guide to the original EAV points)

ALL 3 FOR $295 • order here

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