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The Missing Link in Aether Therapeutics


Initial Seminary: Electrodermal Screening with Pathophysiologic Analysis • Feb. 7, 8 2015 • Tampa

One week Summer Camp Sabbatical & Graduation: 2015
Location: Nevis Campus June 2-6 2015

Electroacupuncture, first introduced by Reinhold Voll, circa 1952, the author took up as an intense study for one year under the tutelage of Dr. Voll. Comprehensive manuals in English were produced and seminars later conducted all over the world to this day. The Dean was the first to introduce EAV into Mexico, Ecuador, Curacao, and Korea. Now to my knowledge, I am the only one known to continue Voll's original research, having contributed over 100 new measurement (diagnostic) points to the system, including measurement points (MPs) for hormones, adnexa, cranial structures, allergens, and neurotransmitters. Many of the original points, e.g. CMP. Lungs, MP. Prostate, CMP. Colon, have proved as inaccurate. These have been updated in my latest edition on my EDS Manual available on pdf.

I practice and advocate EDS as a means of rural evaluation for mission work and third world primary care conditions as a top choice method for confirmatory diagnostics. EDS represents a comprehensive, neurological approach to bedside diagnosis, when used appropriately with the signs and symptoms of classical medicine. It is most often verified with laboratory and radiology. I do not advocate fuzzy software, random number serial generators, or other amateur gadgets as a substitute for accurate, pinpoint diagnostics as part of comprehensive medical knowledge. An up to date manual of several hundred points is available by order form below. A course on pathophysiology and clinical medicine can accompany the training with the Biotron II unit at the next upcoming seminar in Tampa Florida, circa Feb. 2015.

Today and for the last fifteen years, points have been assessed, researched, and discovered on more than 6,000 patients at the author's clinic on Nevis, West Indies. As the Voll method demonstrates in practice, it is of more utility than standard radiology since the assessment is done cheaply within a few minutes. Patients need not disrobe, nor even take off jewelry. The Biotron II unit offers years and years of service, having been in production and use for over 30 years.


Electrodermatography was the original research recording of the electrical resistance of the skin. In skin conductance, an electrodermographer imposes an imperceptible current across the skin and measures how easily it travels through the skin. The electrodermatogram (EDG) is derived by a particular method of measuring skin resistance and is the exact basis of electrodermal screening (aka electroacupuncture according to Voll, EAV). Dermal conductance analysis is the galvanic measurement of skin resistance on sensitive points on the skin.

In the 1890s Sir Henry Head discovered certain areas of the skin that develop tenderness (allodynia) in the course of visceral disease. These areas were later termed “Head zones” (viscerocutaneous reflexes). Sir Henry Head was an English neurologist who conducted pioneering work (1896) into the somatosensory system and sensory nerves. Head emphasized the existence of specific points within these zones, that he called “maximum points”, a finding that seems to be forgotten today. The search for anatomical correlates of acupuncture-related structures (acupoints, conduits, etc.) has been an ongoing effort since the very first days of Head's research, both Occidental and Oriental. The anatomical structures most often investigated in this context are those of the nervous system, specifically the dermatomes. This popularity is easily understandable because the nervous system offers mechanisms for both afferent and efferent transmission of signals which decidedly alters skin conductance due to influence on vascularity, sweat and sympathetic tonus.

There are many approaches to the study of skin galvanic/conductive response, that being (1) macroresponses of sweat gland activity over large surface areas (Lie detectors, E-Meter); or (2) microresponses of discrete skin spots over areas of only 2-3 square millimeters, i.e. topographic acupuncture points of reference. The diagnostic basis of the acupuncture points lies in their deviation in electrical value from normal skin conductance. Should a person be perfectly healthy, all points would more or less exhibit the same conductance, that being a steady state electrical measurement: the meter registers neutral with a continued conductance and no variation, neither rise nor fall of the meter in resistance. So we thus have "maximum points" and neutral points. Maximum points indicate a degree of inflammation or degeneration; neutral points being unremarkable. Maximum points will conduct above our reference of normotonia, 50 on a scale from 0-100, will swing high in inflammation, but then swing low in the presence of chronicity and degeneration.

The dermatomes in the skin connect to the spine. Each of the spinal nerves provides sensation to a predictable area of skin. For example, pain radiating down the leg to the small toe follows the general pattern of the S1 dermatome suggests that a herniated disk may be pinching the S1 nerve root in the spine.
The peripheral nerves and dermatomes connect to the spine to relay information to other parts of the body, particularly the brain.

An intercalated neuron is a neuron running between and connecting two other neurons, also called internuncial neuron. They number in the millions.

These internuncial neurons located in the spinal cord which connects motor and sensory neurons explain the phenomena of our body-mind connections. Reflexes are actions generally performed without conscious thought as an automatic response to a stimulus or even forming the basis of memory. The entire basis of the acupuncture effects are based on reflexes due to an applied counter-irritation - pressure, moxa, or the needle. Reflexes are mediated at the level of the spinal cord through reflex arcs of the internuncial neurons. Mono-, oligo-, and poly-synaptic reflex arcs, propriospinal interneuron systems, and internuncial gray matter neurons of the brain collectively participate continuously to produce spinal cord reflexes that activate muscles, bowels, modulate autonomic functions like breathing and heartbeat, as well as determining skin (dermatome) tonus. Thus we could say the entire basis of electrodermal screening and acupuncture itself is all based on the conditioning of the internuncial neurons. Thus we can connect skin points to that of the internal organs.

Embryologically, we are hard wired from birth. A topographic map is the ordered projection of a sensory surface, like the retina or the skin (dermatomes), or an effector system, like the musculature (myotomes), to one or more structures of the central nervous system. Topographic maps can be found in all sensory systems and in many motor systems but particularly in acupuncture, which provides us nearly five thousand years of observation and evidence both scientific and empirical.

The Zones of Hirata

Voll's foot points of the pancreas, liver and bladder.

Suffice it to say, acupuncture topography forms the basis of establishing the medical indications of the electrodermal measurement. It was Dr. Voll and his research society which sought to establish these connections on a rational basis. From a research perspective, we start with the known indications of the acupuncture points, some simple, some complex. For example:

The point GB-44, in classical parlance, Tsu chiao-yin or Foot Portal Yin refers to this point's use in treatment of the diseases of the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and tongue, which are the portals of the five viscera. In Dr. Voll's system, VGB-44, is the measurement point MP.Common Hepatic Duct (left toe) and Common Bile Duct (right toe). Treating this point has been found to assist in vital trace minerals assimilation; relieving dream disturbed sleep (especially of dreaming of ghosts), headache with agitation, hypertension, vertigo, sudden deafness, dry mouth, stiffness of the tongue, throat painful obstruction, red, swollen, painful eyes, migraine around the eyes.

So how do we associate bile ducts with the five portals?

For one, we know that the saliva in the mouth is a parallel of bile flow. Salivary pH mimicks the pH of bile. Secondly, we all know how weird we dream when we go to bed on a belly full of food. Third, we know the connection between liver function, bile flow, and nausea and vomiting found in migraine.

VA39 (EXTRA POINT) on the hand has classical indications for lumbar/leg pain, orchitis, adnexitis, bed-wetting, and enuresis. Clearly, organs of the pelvic floor.

However, the author has documented on numerous patients that if an EDS measurement will reveal a maximum point with an indicator drop, the magnitude ranges from gluten intolerance to celiac disease. Thus, the point is medically specific for these conditions. These findings have been verified from the medical history, food cravings, and blood microscopy (RBC mosaic in live cell analysis) on more than one hundred patients.


Due to the internuncial connections between the topographic point on the dermatome, consisting typically of a microplexus of free nerve endings, sensory bulbs, and sympathetic fibers; and its interconnections into the spinal cord, many points thus have more than one connection and thus several indications and implications. In other words, the conditions and indications are layered. Thus, in the case of VA39, patients with gluten sensitivity often complain of lumbago or leg pain and frequently exhibit urinary tract infections.

It is the implications of the layering of points the author has noted down through the years on thousands of patients. The multiple indications of these points often reveal a pattern if not specific diagnosis leading to therapeutics. Let's take the example the common complaint of headache.

In holistic or functional medicine, a headache is more than just a simple headache: these headaches can be due from anything such as simple dehydration (often the case), to more complex conditions as a smoldering gastritis, liver dysfunction, dysbiosis, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), food allergy, etc. Diagnostic acumen on the part of the astute and seasoned practitioner will often sort this out. But would not it be nice to have instant, point of care verification? No other system of evaluation compares to that of electrodermal screening, here's why.

Typical measurements on these points are specific for headache:

VA15 Yu-chi (Lu-10); “Fish Bone”: Indications: Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, fever, palpitation with nervousness, cough, hemoptysis, hyperhidrosis, vertigo, insomnia, nervous headaches; sympathicotonia.

Thus by maximum point deviations found on this point, we assume an element of stress related headache with some palpitations and insomnia. Therapy would thus be directed at stress reduction before opting for an expensive MRI.

Further, the Homeopathic Indications according to Dr. de la Fuye, indicates Psorinum which patients are always mad worse with coffee. The Psorinum patient does not improve while using coffee.

VB21 (EXTRA POINT); Indications: Heart pain [angina pectoris], cardiac headache with a feeling of hotness and restlessness, lockjaw in infants, toothache.

Thus by maximum point deviations found on this point, I will immediately do an EKG and implement measures to avoid cardiac risk factors.

VB58 (EXTRA POINT). Indications: Menstrual pain, headache of the vertex, dysbiosis, gastritis. I have long known vertexal headaches often indicate a smoldering gastritis, with maldigestion of protein, putrefactive fermentation and dysbiosis.

Maximum point deviations measured here also bring to light those headaches associated with menstruation. Though fluctuating hormone levels which can influence headache patterns, obliges one to suspect estrogen dominance patterns.

IVC73 (Lu-9). Indications: First Aid: asphyxia, collapse, poisoning, concussion (think of smelling salts - Ammonium Carbonicum). For complete lack of order, chaos, when pulses are not rhythmical or regular. Emergency point for epileptic fits and drowning. For grief, feelings of loss and longing, spiritual emptiness, many regrets.

The homeopathic indications: AMMONIUM CARBONICUM - A condition of under-oxygenation underlies a large proportion of symptoms. The diseased conditions met by this remedy are such as we find often in rather stout women who are always tired and weary, take cold easily, suffer from cholera-like symptoms before menses, lead a sedentary life, have a slow reaction generally, and are disposed to frequent use of the smelling-bottle.Sadness, disposition to weep. Timidity. Apprehensive. Ill-humour. Desperate and unruly. Anguish at heart: palpitation and faintness.

Further, we find in Ammo. carb. Big toe painful and swollen, gout. This corresponds to Dr. Voll's VPA-2 (rt) MP Nucleo protein Metabolism, VID32/Sp-2, knowing that gout is due to defective metabolism and accumulations of uric acid, derived from purine foods like sweatbreads that trigger the attacks. This remedy is also known in service in homeopathy for Uremia - a clinical syndrome associated with fluid, electrolyte, urea and uric acid accumulation in the blood; and hormone imbalances and metabolic abnormalities, which develop in parallel with deterioration of renal function. The term uremia, which literally means urine in the blood, was first used by Piorry to describe the clinical condition associated with renal failure. The ammo. carb. patient detests water.


I often tell my students, before one studies acupuncture, get neurology under your belt first to avoid all the confusion and non-sense. From the foregoing, the neural implications are obvious. In the old days (the 70's), we practiced acupuncture by the cookbook method, take a short history and look up an acupuncture formula from somebody else (who probably did not know what they were doing either) and see if it works. Dr. Voll and my other teachers led me off that track years later. Obviously, acupuncture, aside from all the elaborate energetics, is down to earth counter-irritation therapy. To insert a needle into a neutral or inactive point is going to accomplish little in terms of anticipated relief for the condition. The electrodermal measurement will indicate if the point is active. Of course, one can simply palpate for tenderness, yes, that works for the acute conditions, but chronic conditions are often associated with points that are insensitive (paresthesia). Traditionally, these points were not generally needled, but stimulated by moxa. If the point is inactive, all efforts go up in smoke.




In Conclusion

In primary care medical practice, the bottom line is most often revealed by laboratory and radiology. These methods are needed but often delay treatment. In the use and toil of Voll's EAV down through the years, I find no other better and more rapid and effective form of diagnostic verification. The quack watchers have all made their derogatory analyses, only pitting their two cents on the subject, obviously beyond their comprehension. The quacksters all took advantage of Voll's medication testing beginning in the 80's, some of whom I introduced the system to, devising computer gizmo's, sold for a high price generally to people with no medical background. As I often state, just because you can buy an X-ray machine does not make one an instant weekend radiologist. There are learning curves with all medical equipment.

Suffice to say, training and study is everything in medicine, there are no substitutes. Dr. Voll made a remarkable contribution to medicine. That being said, I have developed online courses to assist in this process. Persons enrolled in the Tampa 2015 seminar will be given access to these upon registration to make the time used in Tampa to the maximum benefit. The busy practitioner will find that upon completion of the challenge will harbor many fruits, increased expediency in practice, and better results in therapeutics, the bottom line of successful practice.

signing off
August 2014
Point Diagrams taken from the author's POINTS 2007 & EDS MANUAL



Initial Seminary: Electrodermal Screening with Pathophysiologic Analysis • Feb. 7, 8 2015 • Tampa

One week Summer Camp Sabbatical & Graduation: 2015
Location: Nevis Campus June 2-6 2015


Occidental Institute of Chinese Studies - Five Dragons Acupuncture Course
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Electroacupuncture Manual: O.I.C.S. circa 1979

Volume I: Electroacupuncture (updated and first published by Health Sciences Research 1979; second printing 1983; third revision & printing 1996; pdf 1997)

Volume II: Electroacupuncture 1981

Volume III: Electroacupuncture Up to Date 1982

ELECTRIC & ELECTROMAGNETIC HEALING by Prof. Dr. Charles McWilliams (2009)


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