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"The curative powers of electricity demonstrated"



It may be hard for our modern day minds to imagine electrotherapy as such a powerful and effective modality which had been practiced for nearly one hundred years, was condemned by the establishment went into disuse, but it did. Electrotherapy came to a sudden end after the 1910 publication of the Flexner Report. Science and the medical community rejected electrotherapy in favor of chemical drugs. All funding for American Schools teaching electrotherapy would be discontinued and electrotherapy would be branded as quackery.

Prior to that, due to the technical development of batteries and other devices producing electric energy at the end of the nineteenth century, resulted in the widespread use of electrotherapy in medical practice of which this little known book - The Curative Powers of Electricity Demonstarted - is testimony. Electric healing devices became a medical panacea in that they were reported to “cure” virtually every conceivable disease known to man. By 1894, over 10,000 US physicians were regularly using electrotherapy in their practice. But panacea it is, because everything in the physical universe is by virtue, electrical.

However, the abuse of electrotherapy at the end of the 19th century, especially by untrained practitioners and charlatans was one of the primary contributing factors that led to the Carnegie Foundation to establish a commission to study medical education and standards of medical practice. The conclusions of this commission, documented in the Flexner Report, led to an immediate revision of medical education and licensure of physicians. The report further stipulated that medical therapies must be based upon their sound, scientific principles, which to this day is often unfounded. Take for example the continued morbid practices of chemotherapy and radiation. At that time, the lack of scientific knowledge concerning the nature and influence of electricty on biological systems effectively eliminated electrotherapy as a medical modality. Since electromagnetism was not approved for experimental investigation, the affects attributed to electric healing devices were not supportable and as a result, electrotherapy fell into popular disrepute.

The essence of these historical considerations lays the foundation for us to consider and establish the position in which the therapeutic aspects of the EM spectrum now find as we have entered the 21st century. Education and clinical application as the author has been doing for the last thirty years is of paramount importance in encouraging a dialogue between the physicians and those who are developing the therapeutic opportunities of electromagnetic and electric fields in medicine.

Currently in the medical sciences, the emphasis on pharmacology permeates the training of physicians and in fact, our entire society. In recent years, the crosslinks between the basic sciences of physics, biology, and quantum mechanics, with the development of biophysics are becoming so strong and profound, that where the life scientists and in particular the physiologists, thought of themselves as in a completely different scientific discipline from physicists and electrical engineers, they now should be realizing they are looking at different positions of the same continuum.

It is well established that the function and metabolism of the human body is an electrochemical system. Modern medicine is preoccupied with studying, analyzing and treating mainly the chemical side of the equation. For the most part, the electrical half of human systems has been completely ignored. Physicians use several of the body’s electrical systems for diagnosis (e.g., EKG, EEG, EMG and MEGs), yet ignore the uses of the electromagnetics for therapeutics (e.g., cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, TENs devices, bone healing instruments). Few physicians also realize that one of the hotest exploitations in pharmaceutical research now is iontophoresis, the delivery of drugs to the skin by electrical current. Medical doctors as a group are simply decades behind so many other fields of science.

Electric and electromagnetic energy fields, which include energies in the ranges of microwaves, radio-frequencies, the visible light spectrum, ELF and even acoustic frequencies, have been shown to profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate:

  1. cell division;
  2. gene regulation;
  3. DNA, RNA and protein syntheses;
  4. protein conformation and function;
  5. morphogenesis;
  6. regeneration;
  7. ion transport and regulation through cell membranes;
  8. and nerve conduction and growth.

This startling little book is a testimony to the results that were achieved by some bold and remarkable individuals, even in a time when the full ramifications of electrotherapy were not understood, but its effects were.


Dr. S. Vernoy
, Medical Electrician, who has had long and
extensive experience in various cities, both in the United States
and Canada, has charge of the gentlemen's department.

By 1895 Vernoy's Galvanic, Vapor & Electrical Institution and Medical Sanatorium was still in Toronto in 1900.

E. Amelia Tefft, M. D., (Woman's Medical College, Phila-
delphia) who has had ten years experience in Medical and
Hygienic Institutes, has charge of the ladies' department.

Mrs. Jenny K. Trout, M. D., (Woman's Medical College,
Philadelphia) and M. C. P. & S., Ont., consulting physician, etc.
see below...


The galvanic bath was used extensively at the Toronto Institute. A galvanic bath uses the components of water and gentle electrical current. You lie in a 34 degree Celsius Bath, electricity is then passed through your body. Galvanic bath's are mostly used in the treatment of degenerative diseases such as inflammatory arthritis, as a tonic in debility, prolapsus ani, and problems with the joints. The treatment lasts about 15 minutes.

BATHS [from this text]

"In connection with our numerous appliances for administering electricity, we have a superior Galvanic Bath, for the treatment of all appropriate cases. N.B. - We wish the suffering distinctlly bear in mind that our mode of treating disease is entirely FREE FROM SHOCKS OR UNPLEASANT SENSATION, on the contrary, it is in every way pleasant and agreeable, even to the most sensitive and delicate. We apply it with equal success to the tender babe and aged matron or sire."

Types of Galvanic Baths

In addition to full galvanic baths, when the patient's body is fully immersed in water, there are also four-chambered galvanic baths (also called four cell galvanic baths), which also combine electro energy and hydrotherapy, but are used only on the limbs. Patient's forearms and lower legs are put in water trays, and electric current is passed through warm water. This pain-killing procedure improves the circulation and is considered especially beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, stiff muscles, and various neuralgias.

  Jennie Kidd Trout, M.D. was one of the first to truly believe in electrical treatments for certain prolonging health problems. She has an important part in the history of women in medicine, electrotherapy, and the galvanic bath.

Jennie Trout from Canada became the very first woman legally to become a medical doctor and she was also the only woman in Canada licensed to practice medicine up until the 1880's.

In July 1875 Trout opened her Toronto practice featuring "special facilities for giving treatment to ladies by galvanic baths or electricity." The practice of electrotherapeutics often involved application by means of the hand requiring the presence of a female physician. Dr. Trout’s practice grew rapidly; the Therapeutic and Electrical Institute encompassed six houses adjoining the family residence. It had well heated rooms and numerous baths and could house some sixty patients.

Only six months after the opening the Institute, Dr. Trout, in gratitude to God’s blessing upon her practice, began operating the free dispensary for the poor. As one historian has noted, the dispensary "aptly expressed her dedication to direct social action based upon an overriding commitment to Christian social values."

Sadly, Trout’s connection to the Restoration Movement in Canada is largely unknown by its modern day adherents. Her courage and determination in pursuing a career in medicine, in an era when such was not viewed favourably, her subsequent compassion and service to the poor, and her active role in helping other Canadian women pursue careers in medicine were all very personal expressions of Jenny’s faith in God. Her mind and her heart were concentrated on doing "much good work for the Master."

  Schnee Bath, or Localised Electronic Mineral Bath

The Schnee Four Cell Bath was used for treating general rheumatic conditions and painful joints. A patient would be seated with an individual bath for each limb. Each bath had its own current, which could be varied independently.  In this treatment patients could bear a much stronger current than with electrodes on small areas, because of the large skin area exposed to the current in each bath. There was no danger of electric shock as in a full bath as the porcelain tubs were not connected to water pipes and were well insulated from earthing. The quantity of water required was not great and did no depend on a nearby water supply. It also allowed the person to be treated without undressing, speeding up treatment times and proving much more comfortable and convenient than a full body bath.




Our Institution is pleasantly located on one of the most beautiful and retired streets in Toronto, near tbe Horticultural Gardens.

The successful use of electricity in the treatment of nearly every form of disease is comparatively a new thing in Canada. A little over two years ago, the institution, of Jarvis and Gerrard Streets opened in Toronto. Its operations were at first confined to a building not more than a quarter size of the present one. Before many months had elapsed, the premises were found to be too small, and the adjoining
buildiing was secured. But so popular had the electropathic system of Prof. Bollee
become, that in less than a year, the remainder of the row of buildings was required,
simply to accommodate during their stay in the city, patients residing at a dis-
tance from it. It was speedily found that further enlargement would be
necessary; and at the time the institution was closed for the purpose, two months ago,
many persons had long been waiting in vain for vacant rooms. We have pleasue
in now presenting our readerrs with an illustration of the facade of what is prac-
tically a new building. This structure, which is sixty-seven feet long, has all the
modern internal improvevments and is thoroughly ventilated. An extensive dining-
room, with kitchen, pantry, etc. occupies the greater portion of the basement, tho
remainder being fitted up as servants' dormitories. At the north end of the build-
arlor handsomely furnished, while the rest of the floor contains
commodious reception, consultation and treatment rooms for both sexes. The
gentleman's department is in charge of Dr. Vernoy, a physician of extensive
experience. Both the upper flats are devoted to sleeping-rooms, in the appoint-
ments of which every regard has been had to comfort. A striking external
feature of the building is a handsome verandah, extending its entire length on the
weatern side, at the height of one story from the ground. Access to this is
obtained from the main hall.

The proprietors of this institution are ladies, Mrs. Jenny Kidd Trout and Miss
E. Amelia Tefft, whose success in healing disease, acute and chronic, has been
something marvellous. Mrs. Trout is a native of Scotland. This lady had
cherished a desire to become a physician, and in the spring of 1875, she had not
only the honour of graduating in Philadelphia, but the further honour of receiving
the first license to practice medicine and surgery granted to her sex in Canada.
She is still the only woman authorized to attach to her name the initials M.D. and
M.C.P. and S., Ontario. While the recent improvements were being made in the
premises, Mrs. Trout, in company with her husband, the publisher of the Monetary
, visited her native land, from thence passing over to the continent, where
she spent time in acquainting herself with the methods in vogue in various
medical institutions of note.

When in Philadelphia, and also while attending as a patient an institution in
the State of New York, she became acquainted with her partner, Miss Tefft, who is
not only a graduate of one of the oldest women's colleges in the world, but has
eight or ten years' experience in hygienic, hydropathic, and electiic institu-
tions in Philadelphia and New York. Although both these ladies are graduates
of one of the most exclusive allopathic schools, they learned enough in their
student days to convince them that the treatment prescribed by that system was
not always the most reliable, and they therefore determined that when they com-
menced the practice of medicine they would employ whatever remedies might pro-
mise the best results. The success they have attained has amply demonstrated
the wisdom of this resolution. Electricity in their hands has proved a most
wonderful curative agent. Any of our readers who may wish fuller particulars of
what is now one of the popular institutions of the country, should address the
proprietors. Canadian Illustrated News, July 20th, 1878.

What Electricity Can Do as a Curative.

The value of Electricity as a Therapeutic agent is no longer
a mere hypothesis, it is one of the best established of scientific-
acts. Its use in this capacity may be traced much further back
than is generally supposed. A thousand years ago the native
women of West Africa put their sick children into a hole filled
with water, in which there were some of the fish called the raja
torpedo, whose electrical qualities are well understood. Scribonus
Largus, a physician who lived at the time of the Emperor
Tiberius, is known to have done something similar for the cure
of gout. Pliny also mentions electricity as a remedy, and
Dioscorides records an electrical cure of prolapsus ani. In more
modern times we find that practitioners began to experiment
with electricity as long ago as the middle of the last century, soon
after the discovery of the electric machine and the Leyden jar;
and manifold were the uses made of electric baths, electric
streams, electric inhalation, etc. Carallo collected the varied
us in his Essary on the Theory and Practice of Medical
Electricity," published in London in the year 1780. He
found even frictional electricity efficacious ili paralysis, impaired
vision or hearing, chorea, epilepsy, chronic rheumatism, scrofu-
lous enlargements of the glands, tape-worm, and especially
reanimating the apparently dead. For a long time, however,
electricity was generally regarded with distrust by scientifically
educated physicians; long indeed, after the discovery
of an incomparably more abundant source of electricity in
galvanism- -and it is now only beginning to be in a fair way to
secure from them a recognition of its full and well founded rights.
In Euroope, and more especially continental Europe, it has been
recieved into medical practice generally. The brilliant labors of Hall,
Duchenne, Remak, Myer, Benedict, and others, have so completely
demostrated it powers that very few old-world practitioners, of any
note, refuse to recognize in it, at least, an invaluable addition to
the resources of the healing art.

In the United States and Canada electricity is also graudually
"winning its way" with the profession. For causes which
might be assigned, its progress on the American continent has
been comparatively slow, but very considerable advances have
been made during the last decade. A large number of our
medical men, of all schools, now, more or less frequently resort
to its use. It must be admitted, however, that this is, for the
most part, only after all other known means have failed; that
electricity is, with the physician, merely "the last resort." And
the reason for this is not far to seek. We find it in the want of
definiteness and system, and the general tone of uncertainty
which characterize the writings of its received advocates and
expounders. The cures effected by "electrical treatment,"
as recorded in these books, have more the appearance of acci-
dental successes than of results reached, by a distinct conception
of the laws that govern the electrical currents of the various
animal tissues and organs, and an intelligent application of
means to the end sought to be reached. Were the physician in
possession of a classified system of electro-therapeutics, proved
to be thoroughly sound and reliable, 1st, by its harmony with
general electrical laws; and, 2ndly, by its uniform success in cur-
ing disease, he would, without question, rely far less than he now
does upon the painfully uncertain methods in vogue with the
profession, and make use of electricity, in many cases not as the
last but the first agent to be employed.

The discoveries and labours of Professor Bolles have resulted
in the elaboration of just such a system, as numbers of medical
men who have given it their attention have cheerfully testified,
adding the confirmation of their example, in discarding many of
their old theories,. and adopting, its principles in their constant
practice. The following pages will serve to illustrate. the success
in controlling and curing disease which this system enables the
skilled practitioner to achieve.


As many persons are not aware what can be done by our
Electrical practice, we give the following list of diseases, which
we have been especially successful in curing:

Ague Chills, Fever and Ague


Amenorrhea, Suppressed Mense

Aphonia, loss of voice

Asthma Chlorosis, Green Sickness


Bladder, stone or gravel in



Cancer in certain stages



Chronic Diarrhea

Coldness of Feet and Hands

Concussion of Brain

Congestive Diseases of all kinds


Consumption in first and second stages

Copper Colored Cuticle, or Blotches

Cramps or Spasms, Chronic or Acute




Difficult respiration

Difficulty of Concentrating Thought

Dimness of sight


Dizziness and drowsiness

Dysmenorrhea, Painful Menstruation

Dyspepsia in all its forms


Enlarged Joints

Epilepsy, Falling Sickness



Fits from different causes

Gall Stones


Glandular swellings

Goitre, or Swelled Neck



Imparied memory


Incontinence of Urine

Inflamed or Sore Eyes


Insomnia or sleeplessness

Irritable Spine

Irritation of the Stomach

Kidney Disease

Leukorrhea, Fluor Albus, Whites

Liver Complaints generally 

Liver, Torpid State of

Lungs Hemorrhage, Congestion, etc.

Menstruation, Derangement in

Mental Depression

Mercurial Diseases


Muscular Contraction

Nervous Debility


Neuralgic Rheumatism

Nocturnal Emissions

Numbness from injuries, or otherwise

Old sores (indolent ulcers)

Palpitation of the Heart

Palsy, Numb or Shaking



Perspiration, Excessive or Suspended

Piles, Hemorrhoids


Prolapsus Ani

Prolapsus uteri, falling f the Womb

Prostration from various causes

Pulmonary apoplexy

Restlessness from any cause

Rheumatism, Acute or Chronic

Rush of blood to the Head

Salt Rheum (Eczema, Tetters)


Skin Diseases


Spinal Diseases, curvature, etc.

St. Vitus’ Dance


Stiffness of joints


Swelled Tonsils

Tape worm

Tremens, Delirium

Tumors (Ovarian, etc. in early stages)

Uterine Displacements


White Swellings

Whooping Cough


Puffing and humbug is practiced to such an extent, in this age of the world, by most every person who has an personal interest at stake, no matter what his business or profession may be, that the public is ever on the look out fearting imposition or over-reaching. We confess that they have just grounds as each and all are willing and do pledge their word for the correctness of their
particular statements. And we frankly admit that we have no
right to expect the people of Canada to believe what we say in
preference to others, who may set forth in glowing terms their
superior merits. Everyone will admit that no patient, at all
events, will ever willfully deceive a fellow-sufferer. Hence we have
given the names and addresses of numerous well-known citizens
who have derived benefit from this method of treatment, and have
freely given their testimony so that others suffering from similar
complaints may come to us and be cured. These cures have all
been performed during the years 1876-77; most of the parties are
still living at the addresses given, and can be referred to at any
time for further information, and thereby get the full benefit of
their experience.

" I do not know of a single instance of failure in electro-therapeutic treat-
ment where success could reasonably be expected."


Electricity is not restricted to any particular class of disease, but is alike applicable to all. The medical profession will think us guilty of rash empiricism, nay, even madness, when we say that it can be administered, giving instant relief, in acure inflam- matory or febrile conditions as pneumonia, pleurish, gastritis, inflammatory rheumatism, etc. etc. It cust short and renders mild an attack of bilious, typhoid, or other fevers. Indeed, we have at our command a power with which we can control such cases with almost infallable certainty, provided we can get access to them within reasonable time. Electricity has been too much used as a lasst resource. In many diseases, and those among the most dangerous or distressing the electric current employed according to our system is able to reach, control or cure with facility where medicines are but slowly, and in most instances imperfectly successful, or fail altogether. We do not make this assertion invidiously or boastingly, but in the candid utterance of a great and practically demonstrated truth. Chronic cases and others of an asthenic character are often very stubborn under the treatment of medicines, and are commonly the dread of physicians; yet, under scientific treatment by this system of Electricity, they rarely fail to lose their formidable character and to become obedient to this remedial agent. In our practice we habitually cure the various and opposite forms of disease, acute and chronic - hypersthenic and asthenic - by Electricity alone, although we by no means ignore other curative agents, neither medicines, which we use in cases where they are indi- cated, nor any other measure that we think will benefit our patient.







Dkak DB8. TrO! r IKD TaTFT. â?? Imake the following statement -if facts
for the benefit of those who have suffered for many years from pulmonary

tioaa without being bene fi ted by the combined skill of drag notion* I

had been a great sufferer for many years from lung affection* and was treated
by the most eminent medical men in this city without any apparent benefit.
Physicians in this city, eminent in their profession, told me thai I had i
cavity in my left long. ( >n this announcement I was led to try treatment of
'ricity at the Electro-Therapeutic Institution <.f 1^7«i Jl id I

be for the benefit Of â– Ousting humanity, that after a few weeks" n
men! of Electricity, I was permanently cured. My sudden cure will all
seem a mystery of I to me, but all seemed simple and certain to

frankly told that my Inngi would be made perfectly sound,

•0 I found it : mv painful cough toon left me, I leased to e\]
and than I i its scientific application, Iam well and ha]

once family*


I Jloucest* !

Has not a symptom of lung difficulty Q< 1(777,

I have pleasure in st. that alth

y my physician ; and. inheriting a weak

t.. Toronto, and ai
Institution, â–  m been

n health â–  ttnblgta, M] i as left

have gamed m weight serenteen

!â–  I IT,

December, lffi
Miss Scott enjoys ex . 1877.


Last foil whett I came to town T was suffering with a constant pain in
my sidefand chest. I was troubled with a bad '<Jttti^, and felt wvnk, miser-
abk»,fattd tmable to do my work: Mr frien&l were alarmed, feawni* I was
going into consumption. I went under your treatment for sfcvera* weeks.
The pain, cough, and weakness gradually left me. I an* at present, and have
beati all the latter part of the winter and spring, feeling quite well and
strong. I have gained considerable in weight. I feel thankful for the tjittf
and benefit I have received at your Institution : for I know if my disease
had gone on I would ere this time have been past all help.

a. t. BtrftroN,

TorWrto, July, 3877. 272 Jarvis Street, Toronto.

Has continued gaming in health and strength.

lat tortures poor patients have experienced when suffer-
ing'froin the various forms of spinal disease, from the treatment
to which they were subjected. Holes burned in the quivering
flesh by moxaj the whole back blistered* and even the actual
cautery, by red-hot iron — all these have been either separately
endured by different victims, or successively by the same one,
leaving them with a terribly shattered nervous system, and the
whole body in a debilitated condition. Our treatment cures
without even an unpleasant sensation ; we build up the enfee-
bled body, we strengthen the taxed nerves.

Electricity will cure all spinal and other curvatures con-
sequent on contracted and relaxed muscular conditions.


After suffering with weakness for over seven years, and though under
the care of several physicians, I derived no benefit but became worse. I
heard of the Toronto Electro-Therapeutic Institution, and determined to
give it a trial. Now, after treatment, I have pleasure in stating that the
curvature in my spine has been entirely cured, and my other weaknesses
have disappeared, and I am able to attend to business and household duties
from morning till night.

mrs. m. e. Mcculloch.

August, 1876. 46 Wood St., Toronto.

Continues well, December, 1877.

This is to certify that my daughter, May Aid well, had suffered for some
time from a severe spinal curvature, which caused a complete bending out-
ward in the form of a bow, from the neck to the end of the spine, from which
she obtained no relief until I put her under treatment at the Toronto Electro-
Therapeutic Institution. In a comparati /ely short time her spine was
straightened, and to-day it is as well aS ever.

Dec, 1876. 20 Avenue Road Yorkville.

This disease is seated in the large nerve, which commences


at the lower part of the ad runs the entire length of I

lower limbs, ending in the Ihe fttln, which is usually

violent, extends down the thigh to the bend of the knee?, tb^n
down to the ankle, heel and foot. During the paroxysms the
cutting and tearing pain tting, as they dart up and

down the kg with lightnii. ase

manyti ried, hut generally fail to cure it. Our

upon in
chronic. It gives immediate relief which is followed often hy a
permanent cure.

This is to certify that Ihare, for t â? â?  ith a

sciatic lameness or partial paralysis in the hip, rendering -eless

for any kind of work. I applied to several «
number, bat ] gradually
peuti <u,J placed myself tinder JElec

state â–  .il health, which be I

fully and a cure effected, so that I (

rank) llth Oct., 187<'>.

&d nt


tatment. I


ittiml with






Is a disease justly feared by both sexes and by all classes of the

There are two kinds, the hard or scirrhus and the soft or
encephaloid. The former is known by its hardness, by : -
ating or darting pain, by the peculiar wan complexion that
generally accom his complaint. The Encephaloid or soft

cancer is a < hich begins as a rounded soft elastic tumor.

It has not the severe darting pain of the Scirrhus ; tin- pain in
this of a more throbbing nature, and ti rows

more rapidly. I | by ph\ hie,

especial. :vm this


D in tie- latter f |
due ;<Idischarge from time t ear-

ful Lacerating pain.

ii liar process no pain it giv* i tars,

cutting, ligation

sea of nature is made t
at a w. llin gs : of the; glands

of tin

this iHso

mcdutil m<l in <///-/,/• n >' > < > / . < • 7 /*<- thtr<i/>t<tti<- treatjtn > .

Is a long narr< oel which I


the formation of an abcess. Fistula in Ano and Fistula in
Perineo are of this kind. They are curable by Electrical treat-




Is a disease in which there is a total or partial loss of the
r of motion or sensation, or both. Tin k irious

kinds of paralysis. If a person loses the power of motion
in any part of the body it is called motor paralysis; if
he loses the power of reeling, sensory paralysis ; then again it
is called by a different name according to the extent of the af-
fection. This disease has many causes. It may he due
to apoplexy, tuinou> sm g upon a softening

or hardening of the brain, affections of the kidney, uterns,
h, or to poisoning bv lead, mi rcury, or syphilis, or it
may Ito various aiseasecl conditions Iof the spinal cord;

its of diphtheria, hysteria, or rhemna
lue to the disorganization of the brain itself, if it is
involved to any gr n't, there is little or no hope of re-

llutiuli of the brain, and in paralysis,

from i iises, providi is not too mtich rigid;-

the muscles themselves, no renutl iptly effectual as

the application of El> and galvanism. The earl

uc disease tin: applicati more

speedy and certain th i of medical

ly to

emnloj •
the ti


le to
soon the uat-



To the Public :

This certifies that I was a confirmed itivalid for many years, and as my
difliculties were so complicated I will not attempt to define their varied con-
dition, and only state that my general nervous system was so prostrated that
I could not use my lower limbs except with great difficulty, and then was
liable to fall. Medical men said I had paraplegia. The whole cerebro spi-
nal axis seemed paralyzed, and all effort to obtain the least help proved un-
availing until I applied to the new Electro-Therapeutic Institution, located
at 276 Jarvis Street. I was treated by a student of Prof. C. H. Bolles, and
cured, and believe that no other mode of treatment would have cured me,
for I had tried faithfully for a long time. My perfect cure will always look
& mystery to me, as it was accomplished so quickly.

I will be happy to give a statement of my case to any one who will ad-
dress me at my home.

Toronto, July 4th, 1876. North Greece, N.Y.

See testimonial from Rev. Mr. Munroe on page 4.


My object in writing this testimonial is to induce the people if possible
to procrastinate no longer. A small leak will sink a big ship if it is not
attended to # ; and your troubles, no matter how slight in your estimation,
may be the means of carrying you to your grave.

I have been a sufferer from indiscretion in early life, and have felt the
bitter pangs of delaying. About, eleven years ago my troubles' began. My
memory failed, my eyes were weak, etc. At last I began .to treat myself. I
tried all the best patent medicines in the market, occasionally putting myself
under a doctors care, until I was nearly physicked to death. It only suc-
ceeded in spoiling my stomach. My eyes got much weaker ;'_my spine was
bad ; my throat troubled me, etc. My heart hurt me every time I stooped.
I was obliged to travel for the good of my health. On my return I consulted
some of the best medical men in the city and put myself under their treat-
ment. I was dosed with medicine until I thought my brain would turn.
It may have been the effects of opium, or mercury, or other poison, which I
took as medicine. I thank God that I ever saw an advertisement about this
Institute. I sent for one of their circulars, and having read a good many
testimonials from the clergy and many respectable citizens, I gladly put my-
self under their treatment, j I had all the troubles mentioned above, and
more. I wore a truss and was nearly covered with porous plasters. After
the first few treatments J jvas nearly discouraged, . but the fourth did its
work. I threw away myvtruss. I began to improve from that time gradu-
ally. I soon could remove my plasters ; all melancholy was banished, and I
began to feel like a new man. I .have gained in weight; my spirits are
excellent, and I consider that my condition will compare favorably with the
moat. robust. Knowing that the^e are hundreds suffering from debility as I
did, I ask as a favor k> have ihis statement published.

P.S. — Now as I have, been a sufferer from nervous debility caused* by
indiscretion in early life, and as I am respectably connected and well
acquainted in this city y I withhold my name. But if there are any, voting
or ol4, suffering from troubles similar to mine, if necessary I will make
an affidavit to the above.. testimony. Signed N.

November, 1877.

Loss of manhood is restored by electricity.

These 'diseases prevail to an alarming extent in the com-
munity. Medicines may be swallowed for months, and even
years, without effecting a cure. The manifestations' common to
such conditions * are nervous debility, exhaustion, constipation,
dimness of sight, consumption of the tissues of the system, pal-
pitation of the heart, loss of memory, often aversion to society,.

dyspepsia, pain in the baok or limbs, melancholy and insanity.
In our experience we lind that no of the body are

more liable to derangement than those situated in the pelvic
btfsin. Males- and females are equally liable to diseases or weak-
ness of those Our Electrical Treatment is especially
adapted to the cure of such complaints, reaching (as no other
ly can) the disea . whether it be in the glands, ves-
- s, muscles, or other tissue — it carries with it strength
aud tone, stops debilitating and abnormal secretions and dis-
n duces inilammatory action and imparts vigor and
lity to the line muscular and nervous texture, electrifies
lriclus the blood, and in a short time gives a healthy tone
to the relaxed organism* Many are the benedictions we r
from this class of sufferers, who come to us gloomy and miser-
able, and after receiving treatment a few days, or in the worst
cases as many weeks, experience a permanent cure. If our
electrical treatment was only applicable to the cure of this one
'hat of itself would stamp it one of the greatest bless-
ings of the a

Consultation and treatment strictly pri rate.

l> for " New Pamphlet for Youno Id

Address Dr. Ykknoy.


In connection with our numerous appliances for admin-
istering electricity, we have a superior Galvanic Bath, for the
treatment of all appropriate cases.

N.B. - We wish the suffering distinctlly bear in mind that
our mode of treating disease is entirely FREE FROM SHOCKS
OR UNPLEASANT SENSATION, on the contrary, it is in every way
pleasant and agreeable, even to the most sensitive and delicate.
We apply it with equal success to the tender babe and aged
matron or sire.


Our Institution is pleasantly located on one of the most
beautiful and retired streets in Toronto, near tbe Horticultural

Our table is not strictly Hygienic, but is always supplied
with Hygienic food.

Our terms are moderate.


Persons can have instruction for the treatment of special
cases, and treat themselves or others at home if desired.

The full course embraces Anatomy, Physiology, Electro-
Physiology, Electro-Diagnosis, Pathology and Therapeutics.

We have on band all the maps, charts, apparatus, and
appliances necessary to fully illustrate the various subjects


Dr. S. Vernoy, Medical Electrician, who has had long and
extensive experience in various cities, both in the United States
and Canada, has charge of the gentlemen's department.

E. Amelia Tefft, M. D., (Woman's Medical College, Phila-
delphia) who has had ten years experience in Medical and
Hygienic Institutes, has charge of the ladies' department.

Mrs. Jenny K. Trout, M. D., (Woman's Medical College,
Philadelphia) and M. C. P. & S., Ont., consulting physician,etc.

Thoroughly trained and competent assistants under their

Address communications to

Dr. S. Vernoy,

Or Jenny K. Trout, M.D.


The celebrated tip-battery, Office and Family Machines, Gal-
vanic Batteries, Handsome case of Instruments used in Electro-
therapeutic practice, Bands, Belts, Plates, Insulated Wire,
Conducting Cord, Kubber Tubing, Portable Rubber Bath, &c,
&c v for sale, Wholesale and Retail, at the Electro-therapeutic
Institution, No. 274, 276 and 278 Jarvis street, Toronto, Ont.