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Fat Loss in the 21st Century: The New Rules of the Game

"Whole Body Vibration" is sweeping across North America and is being absorbed into the medical, health, wellness, and fitness communities at a pace similar to that of the tanning beds of the early 1990s.

The old medical logic still states that if our patients simply exercise and eat less they will lose fat. In the new reality of North American society today, this concept was long ago no longer valid, and if relied on to our thought structure for weight-loss efforts, you have no legitimate answer for your patient's questions.

What is different today, than time previous, are the high levels of toxins that are impregnating our cells. This cell membrane intoxication, shuts down hormone receptors. Thus we have diabetes type II when patients become insulin resistant. Further, we have thyroxine resistance. The functions of thyroxine in the body are incredibly wide ranging. Thyroxine, also known as T4, plays a role in controlling basal metabolic rate (BMR), energy production, the cardiovascular system, bone heath, the central nervous system, the reproductive system, growth and development, and the digestive system. Inside each cell are tiny energy-producing organelles called mitochondria. Thyroxine controls BMR by increasing the concentration of mitochondria in a cell and by increasing the energy produced by mitochondria. It is estimated today that most adults are operating only half normal cell mitochondrial content. So, even if we eat less, it is still hard to burn off calories!

Obese patients are losing their ability to handle sugar while at the same time have a low mitochondrial level even when the sugar gets in. The problem is that insulin is essentially a storage hormone, evolved to put aside excess carbohydrate calories in the form of fat in case of future famine which no american ever experiences. So the insulin that's stimulated by excess carbohydrates of the Basic American Diet (BAD) aggressively promotes the accumulation of body fat. There you have it.

The short and simple is that patients must go from a state of glucosis (carb reliance) to a state of ketosis (fasting, no snacking in between meals, and adequate protein intake). A diet with a heavy reliance on carbohydrates if one is overweight is like bailing water out of a leaky boat that is taking on water at a faster rate than it is losing it. A change in strategy is urgently needed. And this is the case with current attitudes towards fat loss. Dieting must be combined with exercise, and we have the clinical answer for you on this! Read more...

Today we are exposed to far more environmental stresses than our bodies have ever had to deal with in the past. Our bodies have reacted to these stresses by storing fat more proficiently than ever before even though it may never be used. When it comes to fat regulation, the body's "better-safe-than-sorry" survival strategy makes it preserve fat when put under stress, as a way of dealing with the uncertainty of its environment. So we have become ultra-efficient fat-storing machines, getting fatter even as we reduce our dietary fat intake, and in the process, opening us up to a much greater risk for hypokinetic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The old logic of simply eating less, then we will lose fat, is no longer valid. The body's hormonal system has gone haywire under environmental, dietary, and societal stresses, all put together, its 'obesity and cancer on the installment plan.'

DO YOU HAVE HD? [Hypokinetic (low-activity) Disease]: What then is new, and how have the rules changed?

The study of energy, as applied to motion, is called kinesiology. Kinesiology provides us with a model to understand normal and abnormal movement patterns. Any movement, from a golf swing to a child climbing a flight of stairs, can be analyzed. Walking and most other motions of the whole body involve the body's center of mass. This theoretical area, commonly called "the center of gravity" (COG), is the balance point around which a movement operates. While complex measurements are necessary to determine the exact location of the center of gravity, it is estimated that the COG in the average person who is standing is about 55 percent of the distance between the floor and the person's height.

Chronic obesity changes the center of gravity so that the lumbar curve of the vertebrae first becomes lordotic, followed by a compensatory thoracic kyphosis and eventually a cervical lordosis producing a forward bend of the head. There is also an increased frequency of flat feet and bilateral arthritis of the knees.

As a result of these changes, obese people become resistant to exercise! Movements result in pain and strain. They resist gravity! HD prevents them from what they actually should be doing.

Our Proposed Solution

In the fight to generate proficient fat-loss and reduce hypokinetic disease risk, what is needed is a solid, well-organized plan. But without our professional guidance, this is, for the most part, a losing battle for our patients. There are just too many confusing variables to address and accurately plan against: high-sugar (carb) intake, intestinal stasis issues, rampant stress-hormones, misdiagnosed thyroid issues, etc.; combined with a lack of exercise (HD). Each person needs a personalized body-fat and cardiovascular risk reduction plan, and health care professionals need to understand and aggressively promote this potentially life-saving concept.

Recognizing the Problems

Here are some of the symptoms that you, the professional, can look for to help your participants and clients spot important indicators of physiological distress earlier rather than later:

• Chronic stress (at work, new-born at home, relationship problems)
• Chronic fatigue (mornings, during the day)
• Chronic muscle and joint pain
• Chronic infections or allergies
• Low sex drive
• Excessive food cravings
• Poor skin health, lack of proper sweating, bathing in chlorinated waters
• Intestinal Stasis due to a lack of dietary fiber and sluggish peristalsis (parasitosis until proven otherwise)
• Iodine deficiency, causing reduced thyroid function, heavy metal intoxication (iodine offsets these)
• Lack of Exercise (HD)

Time Is No Longer On Anyone's Side…

Time management is a daily struggle for most people with dreams, goals, careers, families and the drive to enhance their quality of living. Health-care professionals and organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in New York have realized that the North American population is no longer able, on its own, to figure out, implement, and then sustain a health maintenance plan that works long-term. Over the last thirty years, North Americans have undergone dramatic changes in their living environment, brought on by the advent of computer technology, readily available junk foods, and their addiction to automobiles.

Since the arrival of computers, video games, TV clickers, power windows and doors, and other "anti-aerobic" devices in the 1970s, North Americans have been getting steadily fatter, and thus more prone to hypokinetic (low-activity) disease. And they have been doing so earlier in life than at any other time in history! We now have a culture of couch potatoes.

Vibration Technology Exercise - The 21st Century Solution

No matter what products you may favor for weight loss, without an exercise program, dieting for weight loss will not work entirely. You need a clinical device to make exercise palatable for the American appetite. Secondly, you have to initiate lymphatic drainage, as we all know a body that does not detoxify, cannot heal!

The Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine is a non-invasive technology (you simply stand on it) founded on the principle of stimulating the human body's natural reflexive ability to contract muscle quickly in order to protect itself in the case of a fall, stumble, bumble, or even attack.

The Soviet Union first developed Whole Body Vibration Therapy to condition their cosmonauts to get used to the feeling of weightlessness in outer space. Scientific studies over several decades confirm the remarkable restorative powers and safety of WBV. The difference is shown when you compare Soviet cosmonauts that have lived in space for more than a year (420 days) without suffering the serious health effects of weightlessness. Their American rivals, who did not use WBV conditioning were able to live in space for only 120 days due to muscle weakness and lowered bone density. Gravity can be a medicine!
Nicola Tesla was the first to introduce whole body vibration as a therapeutic for digestive stasis. Later, Professor Carmelo BOSCO of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Università degli Studi di Roma introduced the concept of "whole body vibration" back in the 1970s for the enhancement of sport performance. This technique has been successfully used for the past 30 years in Eastern Bloc countries for enhancing athletic performance and in post-injury rehabilitation. More recently, the safety of this technology, and the dramatic results that it yields, have been extensively investigated and validated by several other researchers, including:

Dr. Vincenzo RUSSO, lecturer in sports medicine at the Isitituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica (Naples) and president of the Sports Medicine Association (FMSI / Italian National Olympic Committee) in Naples; Dr. Bruno GENTILE of the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, Seconda Università degli Studi (Naples); Dr. Giuseppe Sito and Dr. Patrizia Piersini of the Seconda Università degli Studi (Naples), the Koelliker Hospital (Turin), and the Scuola Superiore Postuniversitaria di Medicina ad Indirizzo Estetico - Milan (SMIEM).

Many other researchers and health-care professionals are also taking advantage of this powerful new technology, which has now been transferred to the world of health, wellness, lymphatic drainage, and fat-loss. Impressively, the results speak truth and validation. WBV is sweeping across North America and is being absorbed into the medical, health, wellness, and fitness communities at a pace similar to that of the tanning beds of the early 1990s.

Its biggest claim to fame is how it maximizes users' feelings of well-being instantly, which in turn, creates an almost addictive willingness to repeat the treatment session. You can't beat that! In turn, and to the delight of many health care professionals, this "healthy addictive behavior" is making huge inroads in the war against hypokinetic (low-activity) diseases such as obesity, coronary artery disease and diabetes. It also translates into either the patron volunteering for their recommended three weekly sessions, or wanting to purchase a unit for use at home.

This Is How Whole Vibration Works

Re-establishing Communication and Function via Whole Body Vibration:

To effectively treat various conditions you must selectively harness the mechanical energy of the Whole Body Vibration platform to create proper restorative changes to the body's system. This can be accomplished in several ways:

• Increasing Local Circulation – Utilizing the muscle spindle and the stretch reflexes it creates, WBV can rapidly restore local blood flow. In obesity and lymph stasis, this is crucial for restoring oxygen supply to the muscles so that trigger point (aka “knots’) reduction can occur. With reduced internal muscle tension, the muscle’s efficiency is restored, and there is improved permeability of the tissue to nutrients and fluids, including water. Water, a vital component of fascia, further allows for improved connective tissue mobility. With better circulation and improved tissue mobility resulting from Whole Body Vibration therapy, tissue healing occurs more rapidly and restricted areas where nerves perforate the connective tissue are released. This all contributes to the mechanism by which we experience pain relief. WBV can be used either before or after Jade MicroMassage.

• Improving Muscular Stability – Through excessive stimulation of the muscle spindle, we can increase the tone (resting tension level) of the muscle. Normally known for aesthetic benefits only, this assists in creating muscular stability for a joint that is unsupported by its ligaments. Being that excessive mobility is where this syndrome originates; the benefit of Whole Body Vibration gets to the “root” of the problem and is the most crucial component of restoring normal function and eliminating pain.

• Improving Muscle Flexibility – For those muscles that have become shortened, contracted and in spasm, in an attempt to stabilize the joints, we can now utilize selective stretching positions on the platform to normalize their length. In this case, we utilize Whole Body Vibration and the overwhelming sensory feedback that it provides to “hush” the muscle spindle so that a rapid increase in length of the muscle is achieved.

• Improving Lymphatic Mobility – The rapid amount of muscle contractions created by the vibration platform assists lymphatic system mobility. By stimulating the millions of one-way valves in this system, Whole Body Vibration Therapy further improves the diffusion and movement of fluid between the cells. Better fluid movement means better cell health and improved tissue repair rate. WBV after a Jade Lymphatic session makes the ultimate complement and reduces your treatment time!

• Restoring Normal Communication – Through stimulation of the proprioceptive system and its reporting stations, we are able to improve body communication; this includes the speed, accuracy, and appropriateness of the information that is transferred between the body and the Central Nervous System restoration process, is the final step in maximizing the therapeutic applications of Whole Body Vibration Therapy. When a muscle fiber is stretched, it contracts by a reflex known as the protective myotatic stretch reflex. By simply standing barefoot on the machine, vibration is generated and sent through your body, which passively stretches your muscles. This safe stretch signals your central nervous system of potential danger to muscles, tendons and joints and the body responds by causing millions of tiny muscle contractions in an attempt to stop the stretch. The stress on the body is minimal, but the positive impact is great. As muscle tone, firmness and density increase, the metabolic rate goes up, since an increase in muscle mass requires more energy and consumption of calories.

• Restoring Peristalsis - All obese people have intestinal seizure syndrome [ISS]. The association of abdominal symptoms with stress has been recognized for many years. For example, "gastric and intestinal disturbances" were viewed as primary etiological factors by medical doctors during the late 19th and early twentieth century. As early as 1833, Beaumont described that fear and anger influenced acid secretion from the stomach. Psychiatrists long knew that peptic ulcer was always associated with heavy mental conflict. Stress has been shown to have both central and peripheral effects, promoting psychological illness (such as anxiety and depression), as well influencing peripheral disease in the intestine. Stress in humans can exacerbate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), lowering visceral pain thresholds and decreasing gut mobility.

In general, vibratory therapy reduces sympathetic tone while increasing parasympathetic nerve activity. If you bladder is half full, in just one minute on the Vibrabody machine will force you to exit for relief. As a course of ten minutes, the recommended time, you bowel motility is augmented. Gut peristalsis will begin to normalize with repeated treatments. For this reason, we can find not better cleanse than using Diatomaceous Earth as an anti-parasitical as a course of treatment.

Because whole body vibration is a "passive" exercise, neither perspiration nor lactic acid is generated. What this means for the user is no increase in heart rate, no need for a shower after, and no achy muscles the following day - just quick, easy results!

Here are some of the known benefits of WBV:

• Increased muscle tone and firmness
• Increased lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, which detoxifies and reduces congestion in your fat and cellulite, resulting in inches lost!
• Increased Serotonin production, which helps combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression.
• Enhanced Endorphin release, generating that "feel good" sensation (like "runner's high") which follows a traditional work out
• Increased production of growth hormones with all of the accompanying anti-aging benefits
• Increased testosterone production, which is particularly helpful for men and women's sex drive
• Decreased production of serum cortisol (the body's stress hormone)
• Enhanced bone density and bone building, as the exercise is weight bearing
• Body reshaping.

Clinical Applications of Whole Body Vibration Therapy
WBV is now being used in the medical field for the prevention and treatment of many injuries, illnesses and adverse health conditions.
Lower Back Pain:
WBV strengthens the weakened lower back muscles that cause back pain. If you have an acute back herniation, you should consult with a physician before using WBV Therapy.
In times of stress, the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. This can throw the immune system out of balance and destroy brain cells. WBV increases serotonin (the “healthy, stress-free hormone”) secretion, lowers cortisol and epinephrine secretion by 31%, and enhances circulation. This all counteracts the effects of stress on the body and spirit.
In times of stress, they sympathetic nerves are activated, and digestion and intestinal peristalsis slows down. For people in constant stress, this leads to intestinal stasis and development of 'pot belly.' The virtue of vibration therapy is that it activates the parasympathetic nerves while slowing down the sympathetic system. It is a great stress reducer, promoting relaxation, better sleep, and so on.
Due to this condition, patients generally can not do any kind of strenuous exercise because of the constant shortness of breath. WBV enables patients to exercise in ways they’ve never been able to before. This will help them achieve the type of results that cardio-fitness training such as walking or even running does.
Arthritis and Rheumatism:
WBV increases blood circulation in the joints and improves the flexibility and range of motion as well as reduce pain.
Multiple Sclerosis/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:
Normally, messages are sent through our Central Nervous System to our muscles as we exercise. Patients of MS/ALS have lost the ability to control their muscles. WBV activates the muscles directly without relying on the nervous system. This helps patients feel better, have more energy and experience less pain.
A disease that affects mostly women, hormonal imbalances cause bones to become fragile from decalcification. WBV can increase bone density, which will reverse the effects of osteoporosis.

Other conditions that whole body vibration has had excellent results with include:
• Cardiac dysfunctions
• Obesity
• Circulatory problems
• Hernias
• Fibromyalgia
• Rheumatism
• Bone fractures
• Hip dysplasia
• Osteoporosis
• Dyskinesia: vertigo and sea sickness

Please note that whole body vibration is NOT to be used with the following conditions, disorders and diseases:
• Aneurysm of the aorta
• Deep-Vein Thrombosis
• Pace-makers

As with any exercise program, the user of whole body vibration should be medically stable before starting.

Saves Time, Gets Results
The benefits of whole body vibration are many. It is an exercise technology that every health-care professional should know about. Results that before might take up to 6 months of hard slogging to achieve, can now be realized in 6 weeks-and that has to be good for the motivation of your clients and participants!

Training Course
For each Jadeite that accepts our offer, we supply a short but comprehensive course on Vibration Therapy. It is curious to know why vibratory therapy had virtually vanished by the early 20th century. In the late 1920s, vibrators began appearing in blue movies. What had become a popular and professional therapy, doctors dropped the treatment and manufacturers stopped advertising. The vibrator went underground and it disappeared from the annals of medical history.

Rhythm and health is in every case the embodiment and resultant of Vibration. All motion, force, heat, light, electricity, and the materialization of these elemental forces in organic guise, called Life, let it be reiterated, originate and are perpetuated by Vibration. Vibration is consequently the Fundamental Law of material existence. It is all-permeating and incessant It was in the beginning, has never for a moment ceased and will be in the end. To interrupt it would be to send all the infinite systems of suns with their complex galaxies of satellites hurtling through unresisting space to a common and universal destruction. Pursuing and reiterating the thought, all organic life emanates from inorganic nature by means of vibratory impulse and persists only through the incessant prompting of vital vibration.

Health is a condition or sequence of harmonious vibration, physiologic rhythm.

Disease is interrupted, discordant or arhythmic vibrations.

Death is the cessation or permanent interruption of organic vibrations.

Thus, three sentences epitomize a volume of Physiology, Philosophy and Physics.

Vibrational therapies have been hugely ignored, it is time to be reinstated.

One Final Note
Whole body vibration is not a toy. Nor is it to be used as the ONLY treatment for hypokinetic diseases or fat loss. WBV technology was designed for use under the supervision of health-care professionals such as physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other such therapists. The 21st-century assault plan against disease and fat-building lifestyles is multifactorial and must include professional guidance. There are just too many confusing variables to assess and address, such as:

• Genetics
• Aging
• Hormones
• Stress
• Gastrointestinal microflora Activity levels
• Nutrition
• Environment
• Medications Lifestyle
• Habits & behaviors
• Attitude
• Diet & metabolism

The truth is that each person needs a personalized body-fat and cardiovascular risk reduction plan. We as humans, are always searching for ways to get the most for the least amount of effort-an instinct exploited by many advertisers. But those wanting to lose fat, and reduce or manage their disease risk, can do so by saving their money and doing what works. Whole body vibration works. Happy Training!

See the machine in action here

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