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Health sovereignty is the exercise of the Church’s sovereign authority to protect and promote health of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of man/woman; and provide health services to those of faith and morals. These rights are protected under natural law, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights.

The new Medicine of Hope™ represents for the 21st century the Christian medical way forward. The new Medicine of Hope is the culmination of Judeo/Christian and Greek medicine that led to monastic medicine, and by the 20th century blossomed into nature cure and new thought movements.

The central question of this book is how today's Church lost a special healing ministry and how can we reclaim back our culture, tradition and rights. In our view, the New Medicine of Hope is the sum of today’s knowledge, anatomical-physiological, as well as pathological-therapeutical; the former traditions of monastic and clerical medicine, and the principles of nature cure. This knowledge is necessary for the Christian in the exercise of his or her ministerial duties and functions. Health is the greatest of all possessions next to life, and it is only to be expected that every man and woman of faith should take a deep interest in whatever concerns bodily and mental health, its maintenance and recovery. In regard to pathology and therapeutics, there is more than two millennia of Christian tradition, using natural agents such as food, herbs, electricity, physic, water; "certain cures" and "tried remedies"; and supernatural agents including spiritual counseling, prayer, and worship, with concomitant application of sacred waters, salts, foods, herbs and essential oils.

This Order maintains a unique position to sustain an effective way to safeguard Christian medicine, to sustain and to ensure that we, as the bearers of this cultural heritage continue to transmit our knowledge and skills to future and younger generations. This active Medical Order is the last such organization carrying on the work of the Medicine of Hope through education and practice, and we wish to have it preserved for the benefit of future generations as well as serve a lasting memory of a movement that contributed significantly to the Renaissance of natural science and medicine, leading to today’s modern medicine.


Taste Test Diet

The Taste Test Diet™ is an Esthetic Method to awaken your tastes and improve your diet naturally. The Taste Test Diet studies new ways of seeing and of perceiving the world; bringing better health to individuals. By improving your tastes, you will naturally gravitate to more wholesome, healthful foods while you lose your appetite for what has caused your weight gain.

The Taste Test Diet method is the missing element all other weight loss methods have failed to recognize. Weight gain is concomitant with a perversion of tastes with preferences for sweets and fats. Until that is addressed, most weight loss methods will fail. If you have successfully lost weight on a diet only to see it return, the Taste Test Diet™ is for you.

The Taste Test Diet™ method is also a way to discover your specific mineral deficiencies and remineralize your body for better health and metabolic efficiency. Mineral deficiencies significantly contribute to metabolic inefficiency leading to perverted tastes for foods, which further lead to over eating. Mineral deficiencies affect a predominate proportion of the population and in addition to over eating, contribute to a litany of disorders and diseases.

The Taste Test is a simple; you merely sample a small amount of distilled water, infused with trace amounts of specific minerals that have a specific taste threshold for normal persons. If you cannot taste the solution, you are more than likely deficient in that mineral. As you supplement your diet with the mineral on a daily basis, your taste threshold returns when the deficiency has been fulfilled. In that process, you will find your dietary preferences change for the better and you begin to eat less. If you are overweight and have a preference for sweets and fats, that malefic urge will be dramatically reduced. Weight loss will be achieved naturally. The diets you may have used before, should work for you.

The Taste Test Diet™ is unique in another way. We advocate the percutaneous absorption of necessary minerals, rather than reliance (and often clinical failure) on oral tablets. With the use of a galvanic device producing a small electrical charge, the absorption of the minerals by the skin and tongue is greatly increased. The story of the body’s demineralization is extensive, and the theme of this book, but it is imperative to briefly state that mineral deficiency leads to digestive impairment with poor mineral absorption. This is overcome by the novel application of mineral solutions to the skin with an overriding electric current called galvanizing. By galvanizing minerals into your skin, absorption is ensured, and better health returns faster than by taking mere tablets, a very slow process indeed.

The author has used galvanizing therapeutics clinically for over twenty years. This process has very unique health and beauty benefits. Combined with massage, it improves skin tone, reduces facial wrinkles, and promotes hair growth. Galvanizing also relieves aches and pains, promotes wound healing and circulation, and helps eliminate skin blemishes, warts, blebs, pigments, bites, etc. In fact, any product that you apply to the skin is dramatically enhanced by a galvanizer. A galvanizer facilitates absorption to a very high degree. It bonds the product to the skin, and drives the molecules into the blood, joints and muscles, and even glands.

This system is a remarkable reemergence of a forgotten modality enhanced by novel applications developed and trademarked by the author.
This book will cause you a rethinking of recepts you once assumed to be true !


TOUCH DIAGNOSIS: The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and can easily be looked upon as a BIOLOGIC TOUCH SCREEN™.  Growth of the organism begins embryonically from three, germinal layers from which all cells of our body arise: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. The body from birth is an interconnected matrix from differentiated growth of these three interconnected layers. The epidermis of ectodermal origin from the embryo, which is the same for the nervous system, represents a screen at a level where environmental stimuli are received and transmitted by somatic nervous pathways of the cerebral cortex.  The dermis represents a screen at which there are areas of autonomic nerve concentration having spatial projection and connection with internal organs.  All three layers are linked together by the body’s fascia, one of the most ignored and underestimated connective tissue as well as a repositories for toxins.

Chinese acupuncture is one ancient system that mapped the relations from the skin zones and functional relation with internal organs. Other cultures also found these rudimentary connections.  But it was not until the 1890s Sir Henry Head discovered certain areas of the skin that develop tenderness, spot on, in the course of visceral disease. These areas were later termed ‘Head zones’ and would become known as part of the phenomenon of referred pain. He discovered the existence of specific points within these zones, that he called ‘maximum points’, a finding that is all but forgotten today. It is relevant that two important groups of acupuncture points, the diagnostic Front-Mu and Back-Shu organ points, spatially and functionally coincide with these same maximum points to a large extent.

In 1875 Dr. Weihe introduced the method of "painful" pressure points of homeopathic correspondence. This implies that when a homoeopathic remedy is indicated, its corresponding Weihe point produces an acute pain when pressed. When the remedy is administered, soon thereafter the tenderness vanishes as the patient improves. In the words of one author, this “set the homeopathic world on fire.”

In the early 1900s, Dr. Frank Chapman, an American Osteopath, found that there were specific points on the body that when stimulated had a positive effect on many kinds of health conditions. He believed that these points excited sympathetic nerve fibers that can cause specific lymph vessels to increase or decrease and return to their function. He correlated these reflexes with specific organs and illnesses and called them Chapman’s Reflexes. Treatment was by digital pressure (pressure point healing).

One of the medical doctors of the early 1900s, who studied and practiced massage therapeutics as a medical discipline was Arnold Snow, M.D. He wrote two most decisive medical textbooks and maintained a large practice in New York City. Dr. Snow mapped out the extensive neurological connections between the skin, muscles and vertebrae, and their connection to the internal organs.

Dr. Snow’s colleague, William Fitzgerald, M.D., in1917 debuted his book, Zone Therapy, where he postulated the theory of 10 wide vertical zones running the entire length of the body, every part of the body being in one or more of the zones. He is frequently called the father of reflexology and what is known today as Zone Therapy.

The basis of palpation as a means of detection of irritation and inflammation is the dynamics of the active points by which they can increase or decrease the functional state of internal organs.  In this conception the disturbance of an internal organ is projected upon the body’s surface by autonomic nerves, modifying receptor function, and becoming more sensitive if not sore. Concomitantly, it becomes a repository for focal toxins and metabolic acid salts. If they get out of hand, they develop into spongioform knots and even various tophi like ganglions, cysts, spurs, and so on. One is reminded of striking the cyst with a heavy object, the old-fashioned "Bible method” was used to smash the ganglion cyst. (This type of cyst was often called the Bible cyst (or "Bible Bumps") for this reason.)

The old Chinese method of needling the painful points for relief of symptoms would one day be recognized as a valid, scientific method, as the metallic needle exerts and electric action. Science also observse that these points are more electro-reactive.  The acupuncture points are often more sensitive than surrounding tissue.

Taken by extension, we know from homeopathic medicine and Dr. Weihe’s discovery that toxins, poisons, allergens and drugs also project irritations at discrete sensitive points, and by palpation we can detect food allergies, heavy metal poisons, and other toxic irritations.

Most all conditions can be helped by Pressure Point Healing. For massage therapists and body workers, as a pre-treatment you will find it a wonderful adjunct. For homeopaths, nutritionists, and herbalists, by incorporating this as a short treatment for revitalization therapy, it will greatly augment your prescriptive practices. For body therapists, this will greatly facilitate your rejuvenation practices including facial wrinkle reduction, lymphatic drainage, and weight loss.

By contacting any center on the head, face or body which is painful, you immediately begin helping that organ or tissue. It is a question of counter-irritation, one of nature’s oldest and most direct healing methods. No drugs or medications are needed, for the body heals itself.

This book is an exciting culmination of more than thirty years research by the author. For the body therapist, it is an exciting journey, evolving into a genuine understanding that sensitive points do not occur randomly and reveal rather significant understanding of our body’s functions.

If you ever thought you had acupuncture "figured out," if you still needle and rub by "meridians" you will find this book a direct challenge to your precepts and reciprocally add a dramatic new understanding that will bring you instant results. Having studied acupuncture to the extremes, English, French and Vietnamese for over 30 years; this book is a culmination of priceless medical knowledge. From viewing all the latest on the web about acupuncture and related systems, I can conclusively say, most all have totally missed the point!

READING FACES: No one can halt the inevitable aging process that affects us all. But now we can reduce and improve the visible signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles or unflattering folds and creases, using the latest techniques and technology. In this book, the original researcher for the now famous Jade Facial, presents his case studies and methods developed over twenty years.

Removing facial lines and wrinkles is not just a beauty method. It relates to the emotional and spiritual health of the individual. The scientific viewpoint of beauty deals with facial symmetry. In general, facial asymmetry results from emotional expression that is mediated by the two hemispheres of the brain and that the facial musculature is contra-laterally innervated on the two sides of the face.

The right side of the face is controlled by the left brain; the left side of the face is controlled by the right brain. There are consistent differences between the emotions and spiritual attributes alloted to the right and left hemispheres, and their effects on opposite sides of the face. To remove facial wrinkles, these two sides of the brain need to be coordinated. The two sides of ourselves, conscious and subconscious, need to have a talk!

If we are wishing to return symmetry and beauty to the face, then it is necessary to seek out methods to assist in whole brain integration. When both sides of the brain are working at harmonious levels, the person is generally more successful, happier, healthier, and optimistic. People who pray, meditate, or who are spiritually content with their lives have both halves of their brains working in harmony. They have brain synchronization. This is one of the chief aims of Jade Therapy, making the person "whole" again.

This book is about the exciting story of the face, from ancient times to the present. Beauty is, truly, more than meets the eye.


Popular medicine, that focused on chemistry and drugs, has long ignored the properties of electricity as a healing agent. Doctors as students, are routinely poorly trained in physics and thus have little perspective of the dynamic vital aspect of life called electricity. Electrotherapy has a well established role in the management of a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological, digestive, glandular, and even psychological problems. Used in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions, it can make a positive contribution to patient care. The means by which a range of different energy forms (electrical, magnetic, thermal) can in?uence the physiological state of the target tissue is well documented.This forgotten therapy is making a return.