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We are pleased to present our 3 day, pastoral seminaries for 2011, to train our licensed practitioners on useful office procedures. We have gone to great strides and development in this 3 day package. I submit to you below some lecture files I wish you review prior to attendance so we can all be on the same page from the outset. I trust you will find the information most valuable as have I.

Ruling out catastrophic illness for our patrons should be the paramount question on the initial interview and patient workup yet the fault of so many is to listen to the symptoms and run off on a tangent of modalilty tunnel vision. By this I mean all acupuncturists like to think in terms of yin/yang deficiency, liver fire, kidney deficiency, etc.; chiropractors think of subluxations and innervation disturbances; whereas colon therapists point to 'toxicity' and evil of the foul bowel; and holistic physicians think of hormonal problems and antioxidant deficiencies. All have their merits, however.......

The alternative and complementary approaches presents such a mixed bag of approaches, to me, no one seems to be seeing the BIG PICTURE. As an urbanite, you may have the benefit of a medic's pre-diagnosis, but that does not mean it is reliable. Make no bones about it, a significant portion of patients will show abnormalities in terms of weight, blood pressure, urinalysis, fluid composition (bioimpedance testing), blood glucose, and blood cholesterol. All these office procedures, which can be performed quickly with government approved devices, avert the development of catastrophic illness if corrected; or point to catastrophic illness manifest. These simple office tests and their results should not be ignored or overlooked. It is our duty to our patients and to HIM† to find these things out, I believe, they are BASIC!

I present to you some recent recordings as well as some classic mp3 files from our school for your review. ENJOY.

1. Let's start with what we are faced with daily: METABOLIC SYNDROME X

The 3 H's: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia are today epidemic. Our patrons suffer from the food they eat, food intolerance, food addiction, food allergies, etc. Obese people can testify to the overwhelming power of food allergy addiction. Compulsive eaters crave and continue to eat those allergenic foods to which they are addicted day after day. This is fundamental. Insulin is a drastically powerful hormone, its disturbances are immediate and can even prove fatal. Over the long term, its resistance is causal to the epidemic obesity we are now facing. If insulin cannot be regulated, all other measures prove temporary.

Review this short video

2. Blood pressure is more than just what it seems. You may pay scant importance to this if it appears "normal," but it represents systemic tone of the sympathetic nervous system and overall stress factors. This is obvious. What is not obvious is that it also represents glandular tone, specifically adrenal, gonadal, and parathyroidal. In fact, by taking blood pressure on both right and left arms, you get a rapid overview of the entire endocrine system and a glimpse of neurotransmitters in the brain.

3. Blood glucose tells us a metabolic dynamic. It is vitally important to understand what is going on with a patient when we see pre-diabetic trends which today are all too common. Listen to this symposium...

4. Cholesterol. Before World War II in Germany, high cholesterol was considered a pre-cancerous disturbance. The role of the liver in cancer is little understood by most. The British surgeon, Kasper Blond, devoted an entire book and thesis to it, stating in his observation, most organs that develop cancer are located in the portal circulation. He writes: "Site and organ distribution of malignant tumours are not determined by the so-called carcinogenous agent but rather depend on the relations between portal system and the general circulation." Greenstein believed that "if liver injury could be prevented, so, too, hepatoma formation." Blond prefers to say: "Prevention of the liver injury is identical with prevention of the cancer disease." Breaking down fats, regulation of metabolism, insulin level control, the storage of nutrients, bile production and cholesterol production are functions of the liver.  Keeping your liver in optimum condition is necessary for it to perform its tasks. Most of the problems related to the liver occur as a consequence of unhealthy habits. Otherwise it would be very rare for the liver to get damaged.

Suppressing liver function with statin drugs is fool's play. Cholesterol is the most commonly occurring steroid. It is an important precursor of cholesterol esters, bile acids and steroid hormones. It is derived from dietary sources and synthesized in vivo from acetyl-CoA in the liver (main site) and other tissues (intestines, adrenal glands and reproductive organs). When the cholesterol is high, we must ask what endocrine gland is failing?

Liver shutdown is not the answer.  The popular cholesterol-lowering drugs collectively known as the “statins” have well-noted adverse effects on liver function.  They lower blood cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in the liver, a natural and vital function.  Hormones like progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone are all made from cholesterol in the liver, so the synthesis of hormones and other essential resources are also inhibited further.  Production of coenzyme Q-10 (Co Q-10) is also affected.  CoQ-10 is a key factor in maintaining heart health and has also been found to have cancer preventive properties; it also lowers blood pressure, prevents periodontal disease and slows the progression of Parkinsonism.  Since CoQ-10 and cholesterol are both synthesized from the same substance in the liver, statin drugs also inhibit the body's synthesis of coenzyme Q-10.  Taking statins can decrease the body's synthesis of coenzyme Q-10 by as much as 40%. [Ghirlanda, et al., “Evidence of plasma CoQ10-lowering effect of HMG-COA reductase inhibitors: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study,” Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 1993 Mar; 33(3):226-229.]

I will teach you how to reduce cholesterol levels rather routinely with nutrients and herbs.

5. URINALYSIS, ITS IMPORTANCE. This is a very easy test to do, a can of urine sticks can save the lives of many. Kidney disease is relatively painless and can easily go unrecognized unless the urine is actually examined.

Listen to these important lectures:

The importance of Urinalysis

Doc's approach to unrinalysis [London, 2004]


As Dr. Tennant so aptly states, THE BODY IS VOLTAGE. Yes, and our ability to store voltage can be measured very quickly and easily. It is called Bioimpedance Testing. Review this link to understand how you can screen catastrophic illness in about two minutes of time. Cell health is dependent on cell membrane integrity which directly affects fluid balance of the lymphatics.


Just like kidneys and inspection of urine, you can never assume cardiac health without auscultation and the time honored EKG. Listening to the heart shows valvular deformities and irregular rhythm, whereas the EKG shows electrical disturbances and nutritional factors. Now don't gulp and choke, I can show how to quickly perform a simple 3 lead assessment, so that you can earn while you learn. Check it out here...

EKG, the need for

EKG puppy cured!

At our upcoming pastoral seminaries, we will not only teach you reliable health assessments, but what to do about it, naturally. All in all, a jam packed weekend of fun!

We hope to see you soon and bring you up to speed.

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