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Pressure Point Healing™, A Whole New Jade Therapy

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Pressure Point Healing™ & Palpatotherapy™


Sept. 2009 Posted by the Grand Master


Pressure Point Healing™ is a radical new approach and understanding of acupressure for pain relief, weight loss, stress reduction, and rejuvenation. It is a method of contacting and releasing the vital nerve centers of the body where toxic irritations have accumulated. It has no doubt been established that internal organ irritation projects itself upon the skin and subcutaneous structures as tender points. What has not been understood is that these nerve centers of chronic irritation pool an acumulation of toxins that accentuate the pain when palpated.

These pressure points also correspond to many homeopathic remedies, based on the findings of Dr. Weihe and further research by the author.

Internal irritations combined with toxic accumulation of morbid salts and debris, deposit themselves within the fibrous matrix of the human body, i.e. connective tissue, where vital nerve centers are embedded. These nerve centers may be located at motor points (aka trigger points), at classical acupuncture points, but more importantly at locations of connective tissue that have been relatively unexplored therapeutically until now. At the foundation of most common disorders, will be found these toxic accumulations due to digestive ferments (organic acids), toxic bowel putrefactive products, lack of hydration and exercise, poor lymphatic drainage, tissue acidosis, heavy metal deposits, petrochemical infiltrations, and nerve center irritations (inflammatory byproducts, aka silent or humoral inflammation) complement this picture.
Pressure Point Healing at its root modality is treatment by counter-irritation. The typical bodywork treatment is called Direct Ischemic Pressure [DIP]. It is the epitome of simplicity. Apply direct pressure onto the trigger point until the maximum pressure and referral pain has been achieved. Then simply maintain that level of pressure. After a few seconds, the referral pattern will start shifting and disappear until it is only under the pressure point. After that has been achieved, the pain level will decrease to the point where it is merely sensed as pressure and no longer painful. Unlike injections, this DOES have the potential over time to cure the problem. It is something that people can easily be taught do for themselves. For generations, so many cultures have used counterirritant therapies to bring about healing. We have all kinds of analgesics and painkillers today, but society has long forgotten the practice of counter-irritation: An agent or force that induces local inflammation to relieve inflammation in underlying or adjacent tissues. The therapeutics of it in medicine is also called revulsion: the diminution of morbid action in one part of the body by irritation in another.

All common disorders that people suffer will be genuinely helped by pressure point healing. Even the emotional centers of the brain can be reached giving the patient a wonderful feeling of relaxation and psychic relief.

Acupuncture, as used by the Chinese, is the closest modality to Pressure Point Healing but only in Pressure Point Healing™ will be found the truly powerful points of palpation and treatment. If one surveys the numerous books on reflexology and acupressure, from Eunice Ingham’s book on Foot Reflexology, Stories The Feet Can Tell (1938), to Jacques Lavier's Chinese Micromassage of 1977, to date, one finds a continuous repetition of the same old points, methods, and charts. A detailed academic and clinical study however, reveals a far more complicated network of pressure points, many of the most powerful points not appearing on any known charts, until now.

Any elementary book on physics will tell you that "energy cannot be created nor destroyed,” so where does our energy go when we are sick? It is invisible like electricity, so we cannot see where it leaves the body save by palpation and/or electrical measurement. Sickness is a drainage of energy, and as it leaves us we get sicker and weaker. During my thirty years of research into this work I have found over one hundred exit points of energy and improved clinical results obtained by electrodigital treatment on these exit centers. The heart and brain are the master generators for the electricity in our body, and if you ever talk with anyone has had a heart attack he or she will tell you that all energy just seem drain away. Now with Pressure Point Healing we can do something about these energy losses by returning it to the body to serve as a healing stimulus. Added to that, by using frequency precise, electric impulses (Rife frequencies), a far greater magnitude of healing stimulus is returned via the somatic nervous system, which accelerates what the digit alone can only do. Added to that, if the corresponding homeopathic remedy (aka Weihe point) is placed over the point and irradiated with high frequency therapy (aka Violet or Derma Ray), a further acceleration of the stimulus is applied. All in all, three modalities can be applied at once!

The new Jade Pressure Point Healing procedure is as follows:
1.     Locate the tender point by manual palpation using the new Jade PALPATION PROCEDURAL MANUAL & PRESSURE POINT REFERENCE CHARTS;
2.     Apply a drop or two of the homeopathic remedy, or essential oil, and irradiate with the DermaRay the point for 5 seconds;
3.      Apply electrodigital micromassage with the Jade Machine and corresponding color for several seconds over the point (extensive color chart/list now available).
4.      Apply mechanical vibration to drain away the toxins and acids.

We must realize that at this very moment in life we are the end result past thought and deed and also of everything we have ever put in our mouth and minds. As we go through life, our energy sets up our own individual habit patterns. Add to that the toxic collective, planetary consciousness of lust and greed, in most cases it will bring on our demise much sooner than necessary. Mental and man-made poisons coupled with a lack of faith in God are the ruination of our world. Each Organ and tissue system ultimately succumbs to the evil forces and begins to lose energy through several outlets on the surface of the body. In ElectroDigital Pressure Point Healing you are able to add energy back to the system and seal the bleeding outlet. With this new manual you are given the diagrams and descriptions of each energy outlets and a method of palpatory examination. As you press against these energy outlets, the more painful these outlets are, the more energy there is escaping from the organ, bone or tissue it leads back to.

Once the outlet if found and you hold the contact fairly firm (but not so hard as to be excruciating), you seal off this escaping life energy and the toxic lock will reverse its polarity to that part of the body from where it originates. At least 75% of people being treated this way will feel a warmth in the part or organ being treated which means regenerative repair is taking place. The more you treat, and the longer you treat until the ablation of tenderness, the sooner you and your patients will feel fit once again.
By using the electrodigital method, less treatments will be required and the faster the patron will heal. It is a novel method that combines several elements, all together into one single application:

1.     Palpation therapy on the new power centers by ischemic compression;
2.      Homeopathic therapy directed to its very vital nerve center (Weihe method);
3.     Rife electrotherapy using precise, color/sound frequencies at access windows reaching the inner organs precisely;
4.     High frequency therapy that potentiates the homeopathic effect;
5.    Lymphatic therapy by opening the vessels assisted with mechanical vibration.
The author has identified three critical elements that must be addressed if a positive therapeutic outcome is to be achieved:
1.    Practically any patient, with any particular problem, will certainly have evidence of muscle spasms and exquisitely tender trigger points. If we are to trigger a therapeutic change, then we must find those trigger points. Most all forms of electrotherapy should be coupled with some form electrically assisted massage, as there are potent and reciprocal feedback loops between muscle spasm and unresolved emotional trauma. By releasing the muscle locks at trigger points, the subconscious is allowed to breathe. By massage of the muscles with their surrounding fascia, the living matrix is allowed to breathe and energy conduction will be facilitated (as explained in the book ELECTRIC HEALING by the author).
2.    Acute trauma usually entails local tissue alkalosis with inflammatory byproducts, while chronic complaints usually entails systemic lymph acidosis. For alkaline pain patterns, paint the tissue injury area with tincture of iodine before electrotherapy application, it will be rapidly absorbed. It is also helped with megadoses of vitamins C and B1; and herb teas of cinnamon bark, gentian root, and calendula. For chronic pain patterns prescribed copious quantities of fish oil (e.g. 5 gms. Daily), vitamin B6, oral magnesium chloride (300 mg.), and herb teas like catnip and chamomile. Chronic acidosis is one of our greatest impediments to healing!
3.      All problems will entail mesenchymal toxic deposition, dietary proteins with putrefaction obstructs enzymes, and deposition of toxic salts like uric, oxalic, phosphoric, butyric and other acids, combined with calcium and other salts, impregnates the fascia and slows down energy conduction, aka meridian sludge. Patients must comply with hydration therapy, drinking copious of pure water as part of the healing process. Again, electrotherapy is a trigger to activate cell membranes to not only take up nutrients and oxygen, but also to release metabolic wastes, and without hydration, toxic salts will deposit in the tissues of least resistance- connective tissue.
By following these simple three measures, any form of therapy will find salvation, but most importantly our universal agent of electricity heals.

Palpatotherapy™ is a unique system of electronic point finding and ischemic pressure using an Aesthesiometer. This exclusive method eliminates much of the subjectivity of palpating "active points" as part of the accepted trigger point exam for the clinical diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Electrodermal point location allows precise localizing of 'active points' with subsequent measurement with an analog pressure gauge in pounds or kilograms in order to determine the amount of tenderness as well as fulfilling therapeutic ischemic pressure.

The exclusive system of Prof. Charles' development, has identified over 2,000 points throughout the body based on acupuncture, reflexology, and the professor's own clinical research over the last thirty years. Palpatotherapy removes the vagary zone charts and allow precise location of specific points down to the millimeter. By this method, it is therapy specific, it that the diagnosis can be electronically measured and treatment by ischemic pressure can be gauged by precise compression. See the book TOUCH DIAGNOSIS.


The author has compiled a complete Clinical Manual with specific protocols for the clinic, click here for more details. More can be learned at his upcoming seminars.

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